Putzmeister Korea - Water sludge removal

Water sludge removal

Bodies of water are the lifelines of the economy, recreation areas for people and living spaces for animals. Their careful handling is therefore all the more important.

When it comes to removing and transporting dredged material, surface water sludge or silt, Putzmeister is standing by with innovative solutions.

Sludge removal is carried out with shovel excavators or directly with the submergible Putzmeister high density solids pump.

Pumping is possible even with a high dry solids content, which means it is not necessary to thin the sludge with water. A crucial advantage, as surface water sludge removal depends on moving large quantities of sediment with as little a quantity of water as possible. Environmental friendliness and efficiency are happily combined.

If KOS S transfer tube pumps are used, sediment with a high dry solids content can be pumped much more efficiently than with conventional pumping processes in this area.