Putzmeister Korea - Waste recycling

Waste recycling

In the field of waste recycling, Putzmeister industrial technology provides mature solutions for a wide range of purposes.

Starting from shredded packed waste or bio-waste to various waste, oil, paint and sewage sludges through to pastelike hazardous waste including foreign bodies. Because the supplied material often turns out to be very varied, particularly high demands are made of the pump technology. Putzmeister high density solids pumps without valves have proven their worth in pumping these very difficult materials.

So, for example, the KOS double piston pump can pump foreign bodies with a size of up to 2/3 of the discharge connection diameter at a delivery pressure of up to 130 bar. The closed pipework system means Putzmeister solutions can even be used for tasks where pumping was previously considered impossible. The systems are designed to be environmentally friendly, safe to operate, easy to control from the central control station and, last but not least, efficient.