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Truck mixer concrete pumps PUMI® from Putzmeister

PUMI - Pumpen und Mischen - die Fahrmischerbetonpumpe von Putzmeister
The original PUMI® by Putzmeister combines pump, mixer and placing boom in a single machine. It is an addition to the fleet of truck-mixers held by service and customeroriented suppliers of ready-mixed concrete and significantly extends the range of jobs they can take on: a PUMI® is particularly economic wherever truck-mounted concrete pumps are too expensive or too big and inflexible or wherever truck-mixer conveyor belts are not adequate. In particular, it can be operated cheaply and quickly in small construction sites up to approximately 20 m3.

The advantages are obvious:

  • only one truck means less organisation effort on side
  • one operator is enough for the PUMI®
  • small jobs make money
  • develop new markets and new customers
  • 4 to 5 jobs per day
  • PUMI® is available with different booms and core pumps
 PUMI Truck mixer pumps
PUMI 21.67 Q - With rotor pump
PUMI 21-3.67 Q >>
the best when a good payload is called for
PUMI 24-3.67 Q
PUMI 24-3.67 Q >>
PUMI 24-3.67 CS - Universal and versatile
PUMI 24-3.67 CS >>
high payload, wide reach
PUMI 26-3.67 CS
PUMI 26-3.67 CS >>
PUMI 28-4.89 S
PUMI 28-4.89 S >>
PUMI 31-4.89 S
PUMI 31-4.89 S >>


Discover the strenghts of the PUMI® through their wide field of applications.

Operating elements

The operating elements enables the efficient work with the PUMI®.


Equipped for all applications.