Putzmeister Korea - Lotte Tower Korea

Putzmeister at Lotte World Tower in South Korea

Not only the city, but also the urban district in which the new formidable building is to be created, has long since become well-known across the borders. It is located in the heart of the business district Gangnam, which achieved worldwide fame with the hit from the South Korean rapper Psy. “Gangnam Style” describes the luxurious lifestyle typical of this district and the city of Seoul. The plan of the Lotte Group also fits this framework. The location of the skyscraper 27 Concrete pumps which is currently under construction already satisfies these high demands. Situated not far from the Han River beside the theme park Lotte World Adventure and Magic Island, it offers an unspoilt
view of the idyllic Seokchon Lake. The planning for the skyscraper dates back to 2005. But the initial concreting work for the foundations only began in 2012.

Many good reasons to enter a joint venture with Putzmeister. With the supply of stationary concrete pumps, stationary booms and delivery lines, as well as the technical  support provided by Putzmeister Concrete Pumps and the South Korean subsidiary, the construction machine manufacturer is an important partner for the delivery of concrete to dizzying heights. If good relations had not already developed between Putzmeister and the Lotte Group roughly nine years ago, the undisputed leading position in the local concrete pump market and the excellent testimonials would have been convincing arguments for a collaboration. Putzmeister also holds all market shares in the stationary concrete pump business of South Korea for the last 13 years. The Lotte Group is thus using high-performance technology, which has already been tried and tested in many first-class building projects: In addition to extremely efficient stationary concrete pumps and flexible stationary concrete booms, the unique delivery line and mounting
system which already demonstrated its reliability at the Burj Khalifa is used. Maintenance, repair and the supply of spare parts are all effected close to the construction site and are always guaranteed to be competent, fast and uncomplicated thanks to the local Putzmeister representative.
A total of four BSA 14000 high pressure concrete pumps are in use.
MX 32-4 concrete boom concreting the building core