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The lattice tower system

If a project demands a horizontal reach greater than 36 m, stationary booms on lattice towers are used. These allow horizontal reaches of up to 50 m, as are frequently required for the construction of liquid gas tanks, for instance. The complete Putzmeister stationary boom range is, of course, also available with lattice towers as the base structure.
Adapters provide the appropriate connection. (If stationary booms are to be set up on a lattice tower made by a different manufacturer, Putzmeister must give technical clarification and approval).
When a stationary boom is set up on a lattice tower, no counter-weight is required for a horizontal reach of up to 34 m.
Benefits at a glance
  • Can also be used on construction sites with limited space
  • Lattice towers can be easily adjustedto different heights and floors
  • Various mounting options: to the base plate, structure or climbing formwork
  • Hydraulic self-climbing equipment
  • Ladders and pipelines are fitted to the lattice tower in such a way as to save space
  • Requires only one simple, square cut-out in the floors
  • The quick disconnect system between the boom pedestal and lattice tower adapter allows the placing boom to be assembled or dismantled quickly

Suitable accessories

Putzmeister also offers a complete range of accessories for placing booms on lattice towers, such as cruciform bases, floor frames, adapters, etc.



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