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Transversal mounted piston pump TMP 62 CS

Piston pump TMP 62 CS
 Technical data:
 Output:  56 m³/h
 Delivery pressure:  57 bar
 Delivery cylinder - Ø:  230 mm
 Stroke: 700 mm 
 Strokes:  32 1/min

Maintenance and service

The hopper of the CS piston pump is simply folded away. This makes the delivery cylinders easy to access


Overhang and departure angle

Short overhang for difficult terrain and steep gradients due to the compact mounted CS-piston pump.

Easily accessible hydraulic components

In the unlikely event of an emergency the hydraulic emergency control is easily accessible.

PUMI® with CS-Piston pump

PUMI 24.67 CS

PUMI 26.67 CS



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