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T disconnection point

In addition to the multi-boom disconnection point, Putzmeister also offers the disconnection point in the A arm for the placing booms with 28 m and 32 m horizontal reach. This separates the boom pedestal with part of the A arm from the rest of the arm assembly. The crane loads are under 5 to.

Right side: Disconnection at arm 1
Below:  Arm assembly with disconnection at arm 1

Multi-boom disconnection point

Thanks to this disconnection point, placing booms can be used on truck-mounted concrete pumps and in stationary operation on tubular columns or lattice towers. The multi-boom disconnection point separates the arm assembly from the boom pedestal. The arm assembly is set up and dismantled as one unit.

Two pins secure the boom on the boom pedestal and enable the two to be disconnected quickly and conveniently for assembly and disassembly



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