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Automatic climbing process

Climbing process
Tubular columns climb hydraulically by means of a climbing cylinder. The swivel claw is folded out, the climbing cylinder is positioned on the floor and pushes the tubular column upwards using the upper climbing carriage (B).

Before the end of the stroke, the catch on the lower climbing carriage engages in the climbing bar and holds the tubular column in position (C).
After the climbing cylinder's return stroke (C), the catch on the upper climbing carriage engages in the climbing bar again (D).
The starting position (D and A) has been reached. The climbing procedure is complete and can be repeated.

After climbing, the tubular column supports itself on the extending feet again. The swivel claw is folded in again, and the climbing cylinder is drawn upwards along the rail by the cable winch (E).

1 Climbing bar
2 Catch for upper climbing carriage
3 Upper climbing carriage
4 Climbing cylinder
5 Lower climbing carriage
6 Catch for lower climbing carriage
7 Swivel claw
8 Extending feet


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