Putzmeister Korea - Pre cast concrete plants

Pre cast concrete plants

We are your competent partner when it comes to use a concrete pump in a precast factory

for the transport of concrete and the economical placing of concrete into the mould

pumpable concrete or self compacted concrete can be pumped into various moulds
- fast,
- almost continuously
- and clean

to produce high quality pre cast products.


Concrete Windmill towers

Windmill production with Autocor
In combination with a bucket conveyor system, the mobile Autocor makes it possible to continuously fill large moulds.

Concrete containers for water recycling, sewage etc.

Betonierung von Abwasserbehältern im Fertigteilwerk mit Autocor
The small containers are manufactured as if on an assembly line. In the background is the transfer tube that is used to channel the flow of concrete into either
the large or small moulds.

Noise protection walls

Lärmschutzwand aus selbstverdichtendem Beton - Gepumpt von unten mit einer Autocor BQ 06

Bridge Elements

Autocor BQ 06 produziert Brückenelemente
The Autocor BQ 06 connected with a movable hall crane fill moulds for bridge elements